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Figure 9: Open Cut at Mixy nearing final depth

An external Conceptual Study (CS) was completed for Kalamazoo in May 2013 to determine the viability to mine the Mixy and A-Zone deposits in stages. This approach was to test the viability of generating early cash flow and to provide geological, metallurgical and operational confidence in the expansion of exploration and mining activities at Snake Well.


The results of the CS were positive with a number of processing alternatives considered and these were investigated extensively by management.


Following on from the CS, Kalamazoo received expressions of interest from two well-credentialed WA organizations in mid-2014 to trial mine the near-surface gold from the small Mixy deposit at Snake Well.


After a detailed due diligence Kalamazoo signed a mining agreement with Goldfields Technical Services (GTS) in August 2014 which provided for GTS to mine approximately 4,400 ozs of near-surface gold from the small Mixy deposit at Snake Well.




Kalamazoo signed an ore processing agreement for the initial Mixy parcel with Minjar Gold Pty Ltd in late 2015. Minjar Gold is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Shandong Tianye Group. The ore processing agreement provided for Minjar to treat the Mixy Ore at its mill approximately 220km to the south-east of Snake Well.

On the 19th October 2015 GTS began earthworks at Mixy and continued unabated until the conclusion of processing in late January 2016 (see Figure 9: Open Cut at Mixy).


The final result was:


  • In excess of 300,000t of material was mined
  • Tonnes processed was 20,320t @6.83 for 4459 ounces
  • The actual recovery was 98.1%
  • Approximately 4,400 oz of gold was recovered
  • Gold price received of A$1,565


The final result met expectations of all stakeholders and a
 highlight was the exceptional gold recovery of 98.1% from
 Minjar Gold’s processing plant (see Figure 10 – Minjar Gold Plant).


Next phase of Mining at Mixyl

Kalamazoo is now undertaking further investigations at to the next stage of mining at Mixy.





Figure 10: Minjar Gold Plant where the Mixy Ore was processed

Mixy Pit filling up with water
three months after completion of mining

Kalamazoo’s Geologist Christine Stone with gold poured from the Mixy trial mining at Minjar Gold in January 2016


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